About me and the blog

Welcome to Just Cities, a place to talk about social justice, human development, sustainability and equity in urban areas

My name is Diana Diaz and this blog is my personal attempt to draw attention to issues that should be at the centre of discussion in urban policy-making. I have a background in Civil Engineering from the National University of Colombia and a MSc in Transport and City Planning from the Bartlett School of Planning at UCL. During the development of my studies, I was consistently trying to understand the social impacts of my profession and the impact that my work would have in the quality of life of people; however, these are areas that tend to be overlooked or ignored.

I believe that cities should be built as places that contribute to the happiness and the fulfillment of all humans. I believe that the persistence of injustice in the world’s cities—dramatic inequality, unequal environmental burdens and risks, and uneven access to opportunity—demands a continued and reinvigorated search for ideas and solutions.

This is why I decided to create Just Cities, a movement, a community, a blog, a space to talk about those issues that should be at the centre of urban policy-making. This is a place where we will talk about social justice, environmental sustainability, inclusion, urban planning, transport, human development, and all those things that define our quality of life and our existence as a society. I believe that by sharing knowledge, influencing policy-makers and offering a new point of view on day-to-day issues, I will be able to create a small difference in our world.

Just cities will be a community for everyone, especially for those who feel underrepresented in the decision-making process of urban policies. The objective is to share knowledge, empower communities, and influence policy-making. The more you share our content, the more likely we are to be heard by relevant authorities and make an impact in the way our urban environments are being planned.

the content will be developed under the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals. We believe that this will contribute to achieve peace and prosperity for people and the planet.

You can expect regular posts submitted every week discussing a relevant topic. Posts will be mainly in English, but other languages are welcome. Contributions from guest writers are invited, as well as great ideas and suggestions for the blog.

If you wish to get in touch about this initiative or any content that may appear on it, please contact me or follow me on twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn

Let’s create just cities!